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The Newsletter for February 2012

The newest newsletter is ready for your perusal. The interesting thing is that Winstuff Racist Caricature has been replaced by Winstuff Associate of Lord Humongous.

FBorFW Studio News
For the Month of February 2012

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It's February
We're starting to anticipate the ending of a long, snowy winter.

A travel note from Lynn:
On January 10th, I set off for Vancouver with my daughter Katie, son-in-law Lane and baby Laura (now almost 3 months old). It was her first long distance trek and she was amazingly good for someone so small. She didn't cry on the plane, she let us carry her from relatives to friends to relatives, where she was passed about, cuddled, fed and played with - and even though she's far from walking, she took it all in stride!

We stayed at Lonsdale Quay - a rather quaint, hard-to-find hotel at the foot of Lonsdale in North Vancouver. This place sits astride the old ferry docks where I used to wait for my dad to ride home from his job in the city, and even though the area has changed tremendously, it's still "home" to me! The hotel is 3 floors above a large farmer's market where foods and crafts from around the world are readily available. The Sea Bus arrives every 15 minutes or so just behind the market, so it's a great spot to park for a few days and explore the area. Lonsdale, the main road that goes from the harbour straight up the mountain, is part of my past. This long hill was where I rode my bike, walked to Brownies and rolled marbles through the gutters when it rained. Our old house on 5th Street East is long gone, but some of the other familiar structures remain. The wartime house I grew up in was bought for $7,000.00 in 1950, sold for $53,000.00 in 1969 and the low-rise condo which stands there now would be worth over a million dollars - just for the view alone!

My son, Aaron, lives an easy walk from the Quay and we saw a lot of each other during our week there. He joined us in our rented car - squeezing into the back with me, so he could spend more time with baby Laura. It was wonderful see my son overtly enjoying his unclehood! It took no time at all for him to get used to handling a baby and talking to someone so small. He said several times "What will you be? Where will you go? What do you think of this world so far?" It made me think, too, about how innocent she is and wonder what lies ahead.

We left for Toronto just before bad weather hit the west coast and had to wait out another winter storm which cancelled our flight to North Bay. Such is travel in Canada and, like the baby, we took it in stride. Even though I still think of North Vancouver as home, it's always good to come back to Ontario. If home is where your heart is...my heart (if not my being) can be in two places at once!

Happy January!

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We are working on the new Treasury #3...the title is "Making Ends Meet". More information and a glimpse of the cover art will follow over the next little while.

By popular request, we've returned the archive of Character Letters to our site. The Pattersons wrote monthly letters to our readers from April of 2004 until September 2007. We've just put them back online in a new easy-to-browse format. Check 'em out!

We have a feature on FBorFW.com called Coffee Talk where you can comment on the day's strip or whatever's on your mind with regard to FBorFW. We're now giving regular readers the opportunity to submit a short profile (see the left-hand side of the page for details) so all our contributors can get to know each other a bit better. To be included, send a note to design@fborfw.com with as much information as you care to share, and a picture if you like.

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