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The Humor Project.

Remember when Lynn promised that she'd talk about when she attended the Humor Project? She finally got around to it today.

Last year, I attended one of the most uplifting and positive conferences out there. The Humor Project- masterfully designed, created, and organized annually by Dr. Joel Goodman and Margie Ingram (his equal half) allows you to immerse yourself in humor for three days. Lectures, workshops and stage performances bring 400 people together annually to laugh, to learn, and to refresh themselves by finding humor in just about everything.

I first learned about this conference 20 years ago when Joel asked cartoonist Mike Peters (Mother Goose and Grimm) and me to put on a cartoon/comic stage presentation. I have been an attendee many times since then and plan to be there again this year.

Held at a beautiful upstate New York conference center (where the Adirondack Mountains cascade into Lake George), the conference is almost a retreat. The people I have met through this program are from all over the world- with varying jobs and interests. Many are health care providers, teachers, businesspeople, and spiritual leaders- all looking for ways to use humor and creativity in their lives, relieve stress, build positive relationships, regain their balance, and renew their sense of humor. The Humor Project is a weekend, which allows and encourages you to unwind and unleash your laughter- which really is the best medicine.

This year the conference is being held on the weekend of June 1-3. I thought I would let you know in case there were folks out there who love humor, love creativity, love life, enjoy the company of like-minded people and might want to sign up! Just for fun, here is the Humor Project conference information: www.HumorProject.com/conference. Take a minute to read through the agenda. This is a wonderful event, well worth taking in! You can register on-line and you can call to get more information at (518) 587-8770 or emailinfo@HumorProject.com.

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