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The Newsletter for January 2012

In the newest newsletter, Lynn posts new graphics along with her usual press release; say goodbye to Winstuff Guy and say hello to Winstuff Minstrel Show Caricature.

FBorFW Studio News
For the Month of January 2012

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Happy New Year!
Hope your holidays were great, and we wish you all the best in 2012.

We certainly enjoyed the Yuletide celebrations at the studio. It was a great year and we celebrated with our annual Christmas party; this year it was at Lynn's place and it was catered by Helen Eng at Cafe Chicago in North Bay. See the "Studio Photo of the Month" below for a snapshot. Left to right, we are: Mandy Strang (graphics), Janet Kunkel (shipping and general office assistance), Liuba Liamzina (bookkeeping), Lynn, Katie and baby Laura, Stephanie van Doleweerd (web) and Kevin Strang (graphic design).

We still have 2012 wall calendars in stock! Get yours while they last. Make sure to watch the slideshow on the front page of the store for a coupon code that's good for a discount at the checkout!

We're sorry to report that we don't have desk calendars again this year. A few years ago our supplier decided to stop making them, due to the state of the economy causing a slump in sales. We're sorry if you miss getting one!

New on our website: FBorFW Sudoku. Generate a new game each time you take this classic Sudoku challenge.

North Bay locals may have noticed a new addition to the Main Street area of the North Bay Regional Health Centre. Statues of the Patterson family, from For Better or For Worse, are now on display. Here's a news bite featuring video of Lynn as she talks about the sculptures.

We've recently created a mobile version of our site. Smartphone users can now choose to view the homepage, daily strip, 14 days' worth of older strips, a random strip, and our strip catalog's browse-by-date feature, all formatted for smaller screens. We hope you enjoy this new tool!

Our New Year greets are online! Play Holiday Bake-Off or Winter Wonderland, or send a free ecard here. You can also read 30 years' worth of New Year strips in the strip catalog.

Have you joined us on Facebook yet? We have a trivia contest once a week - "like" our page for a chance to win.

We keep getting asked "How do I get FBorFW by email?" Universal Uclick offers two types of accounts on GoComics.com - paid (Genius) and free - and both allow you to get comics by email. Sign up for your free account here. You can also learn more about the difference between services and upgrade to Genius level if you wish.

[Image: A smiling black woman in winter gear]
This month's challenge - tell us your aspirations for 2012! Send us a short paragraph about your plans for the year and we'll choose one winner to receive an FBorFW prize pack.

Use coupon code NEWYEAR for $5 off orders over $10 this month! This coupon is good until the 31st!

2012 Wall Calendars are here! In The Beginning, There Was Chaos

Something Old, Something New

Kids' Book and Plush Toy Deal

aabita-biboon - New Year

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[Image: A family portrait of Lynn and her staff with Katie holding Laura Sylvia.]

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You will notice that Kevin is still on staff; given the rather indifferent quality of the Sunday strips of late, I should think that he's been directed to make them look as much like the original dead-tree strips as possible.

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