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Foob: There's an app for that.

The latest press release from FBorFW.com boasts about the new version of the site for mobile phones and such.

We've just released a mobile version of our website, optimized for smartphones. It offers easy access to:

Our homepage with its cool, often-changing seasonal graphics
Today's strip
Two weeks of older strips
Ability to search and browse the strip catalog (11,000+ FBorFW strips) by date
Our random strip generator
A link back to the full website, so you don't get trapped in the mobile site

Please check it out and let us know what you think. If there are other parts of our website you'd like to see converted to smartphone-friendly format, drop us a line - if it's possible, we'll consider it (some of our games are Flash-based, and the Flash format is not supported by Apple products).

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