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The FBorFW Newsletter for December 2011

As expected, the December newsletter is all about Lynn's gushing about being a grandmother.

Happy December!
The holiday season is upon us! Enjoy your celebrations, and we hope you have a terrific 2012!

Here's the best news first! Katie and Lane (and, of course, Grandma Lynn) welcomed their first baby, Laura Sylvia, into the world on November 8th. She's very cute and both Mom and baby are doing well. See the "Studio Photo of the Month" below for a snapshot.

Graphic of the Pattersons which reads Inside Scoop
We've just made some design changes to our strip catalog; we've streamlined the look and placed the most important search boxes on the right of the screen to help you find strips more easily. Haven't tried this feature out yet? We've got more than 11,000 of Lynn's strips stored here in a database. You can search them by keyword, search for text from the last panel, browse by book, pull up a random strip, find your favourite storylines, check out some errors and oddities, and experience FBorFW again in a variey of ways.

Last month we redesigned our online store too! We've got some good specials beginning this December. Make sure to watch the slideshow on the front page of the store for a coupon code that's good for a discount at the checkout! Don't forget to grab your 2012 wall calendar while supplies last.

We're sorry to report that we don't have desk calendars again this year. A few years ago our supplier decided to stop making them, due to the state of the economy causing a slump in sales. We're sorry if you miss getting one!

Our holiday and winter games and greets are online! Play Holiday Bake-Off or Winter Wonderland, or send a free ecard here. You can also read 30 years' worth of Christmas strips and New Year strips in the strip catalog. Our weekly podcasts are entering a second season and are now longer! Recently Lynn invited her friend and interviewer Scott Clark into her home to talk about her creative process.

Have you joined us on Facebook yet? We have a trivia contest once a week - "like" our page for a chance to win.

We keep getting asked "How do I get FBorFW by email?" Universal Uclick offers two types of accounts on GoComics.com - paid (Genius) and free - and both allow you to get comics by email. Sign up for your free account here. You can also learn more about the difference between services and upgrade to Genius level if you wish.

This month's challenge - tell us the most memorable Christmas (or other winter holiday) gift you've ever given, and what was so special about it! We'll choose one winner to receive a FBorFW prize pack.
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In The Beginning, There Was Chaos

Something Old, Something New

Kids' Book and Plush Toy Deal

2012 Wall Calendars are here!

Ojibwe word of the month
Wawasayg - northern lights

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I've just noticed this but we almost never get any idea who the winner of any month's contest is or why he or she won; if we were to know what she's looking for, we'd have another insight into how Lynn thinks.

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