Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, January 30

Panel 1: Yahoo! The Yahoo! site updated! Though they've skipped Sunday entirely, at least for FOOB.

Anyway. Judging by how appetizing whatever it is that's going "sploit!" out of the can, I'm not surprised that John is cramming enough crackers into his mouth to make him look like Popeye. And he's probably thinking, as am I, "HOW many times have we had this discussion? Put up or shut up!"

Panel 2: She's thought it all out? I thought that's what you suggested, last spring. And in fact, you were just repeating Moira's idea.

Panel 3: Well, color me amazed. Something from the monthly retcons is actually being mentioned in the strip. Yes, Elly does get a big O from putting together Harry Potter window displays and parroting Oprah's book selections. She just doesn't have what it takes to do the, you know, mundane stuff like showing up.

Panel 4: Now, if that's not a shout-out to us, I'd like to know what is.
Tags: elly's retirement, previous strips

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