dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 19 November 2011

We end the week with Elly not only trying to bargain with a two-year old but also not realizing that Lizzie is upset about playcare because she sees that it makes Mommy upset.

(Strip Number 343, Original Publication Date, 20 November 1982)

Panel 1: It's eight or so in the evening at the Pattermanse and we find ourselves watching Elly give Lizzie another I-message; said I-message is an I-decree that she is going to keep her in playcare. Since it's the place that makes Mommy worry so much, Lizzie looks at her with a pleading look in her eye.

Panel 2: It doesn't matter that Mommy says that the people there are very nice or that it's well run or that she needs to be with other kids; every time they go there, Mommy looks like something bad is going on so since she's a good girl, Nizzie no wanna go.

Panel 3: She also doesn't like it when Mommy reacts to her wanting to be a good girl like she's being bad; this means Elly's curt command to not give her THAT look because she's immune won't go over well.

Panel 4: Add in the fact that Elly looks like the world is about to end as she thought-bubbles 'Almost' and the fact that Lizzie sees her look like this when she leaves her at playcare every single day and you'll see why there's a problem in the first place.

Summary: As history teaches us, Elly never really does figure out that a lot of the time, her children are reacting to a given situation based on the way she reacts to it. We see it here when she has no real idea that Lizzie makes a big deal out of playcare because she does and we'll see it in the future when she explodes in rage because Mike calls her out on doing nothing but lecturing. After all, Liz's inability to listen to herself is genetic.

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