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Friday, 18 November 2011

Anne's solution to the problem created by Elly's refusal to understand that Lizzie is only reacting to her visible discomfort is not really a solution at all.

(Strip Number 4251, Original Publication Date, 19 November 1982)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Elly and Anne drinking coffee; as they do so, Anne says that if Lizzie doesn't like it at the daycare center, Elly could easily leave her at her place.

Panel 2: Elly points out that Anne has a new baby and problems of her own.

Panel 3: Anne assures her that it's no trouble; Elly reacts by saying "If you really don't mind....."

Panel 4: Before she can finish her sentence, Anne says that she can only take her in in the afternoon and not on Mondays; since Elly's intern gig is on a Monday morning, she rolls her eyes in frustration.

Summary: Lynn's take on this is probably "Anne is trying to help but since said help can't help Elly, she might as well not have bothered. Not, of course, that she's doing so to just be helpful for its own sake; first off, she wants Elly's money and secondly, she hates the very idea of daycare centers." My own is that Elly is being a great big jerk because Anne's need to live her own life on her own times is a great big pointless inconvenience.

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