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FBorFW Newsletter for November 2011

In this month's newsletter, Lynn reminds us that Katie and Lane are about to give her her long-awaited grandchild.

It's an exciting time for Lynn as she prepares for the arrival of her first grandchild!

Katie and Lane's baby is due on November 11th, so,
we're holding a contest! We're putting together a couple of FBorFW prize packs for whomever can guess the baby's arrival date, sex, arrival time and birth weight. You've got to get the date and sex right (the baby's gender will be a surprise to everyone, including the parents), and we'll
narrow down the winners by figuring out who came the closest in terms of time and birth weight. Send your one guess to design@fborfw.com and we'll decide the winners when Baby makes his or her arrival.

You may have noticed some changes around our website this month; we've updated the look of the site a little bit and we've received a lot of positive feedback. If you happen to notice any odd or
buggy behaviour in the wake of these changes, please tell us which browser and browser version you're using (you can usually find this out by going to your "Help" menu and looking for an "About" option)
and whether you're using a Mac or Windows machine.

We've redesigned our online store
too! Watch out for new sales every month. We also have more content updates in the works including a new Studio Tour section with photos of Lynn's workspace, and biographies of the people who make up the FBorFW team.

When we launch our new Studio Tour segment, you'll get a sneak preview of a new item we're currently working on. Our friends at the Farley Foundation proposed that we make a Farley golf club cover to help promote their annual fundraising golf tournament. We're in the middle of making a prototype (it could double as a funny sock puppet!) We'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.

In late October, Lynn decided to try curling for the first time in 25 years. We've got a pretty entertaining News Bite describing what happened next...Lynn's elbow healed well, and our studio photo for this month features Lynn, now with proper shoes, trying again.

Our weekly podcasts are entering a second season and are now longer! Recently Lynn invited her friend and interviewer Scott Clark into her home to talk about her creative process.

October was Fundraise for Farley Month at the Farley Foundation. We were very pleased with the funds we were able to raise through sales of the Farley books from our online store. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The new treasury collection is finished and is now available in our shop. It's called In the Beginning, There Was Chaos and combines strips from Lynn's second, third and fourth collection books: Is This "One of Those Days", Daddy, It Must Be Nice To Be Little, and Just One More Hug. The treasury includes more of Lynn's commentary on her inspiration behind the strips, as well as photos and newspaper clippings from the early days.

Lynn's older collection books are back in print! If you're trying to finish your collection and want signed copies from our shop, we've now got copies of all of them (except for the rare or unusual ones like More Than a Month of Sundays - if you're looking for those, try your local independent bookstore). Check the "Steals and Deals" section of this newsletter for a discount coupon.

Have you joined us on Facebook yet? We have a trivia contest once a week - "like" our page for a chance to win.

Our 2012 wall calendars are now available! The print run is really small and we may not have enough for everyone! Get yours now, before our supplies run out.

We keep getting asked "How do I get FBorFW by email?"
Universal Uclick offers two types of accounts on GoComics.com - paid
(Genius) and free - and both allow you to get comics by email. Sign up for your free account here. You can also learn more about the difference between services and upgrade to Genius level if you wish.

Make your prediction about Katie's baby!

Tell us when Lynn's first grandbaby is going to arrive! Include the date, time, gender and birth weight. One guess per person please!

Next month: a different challenge and a different prize! Thanks for joining in!

Use coupon code NOVEMBER2011 for $5 off orders over $10 this month! This coupon is good until the 31st!

In The Beginning, There Was Chaos

Something Old, Something New

Kids' Book and Plush Toy Deal

2012 Wall Calendars are here!

Oondadizoowin - birth

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