forworse (forworse) wrote in binky_betsy,

When impressions collide

Anonymous suggested a good topic for discussion:

"Obviously, what Lynn sees as a positive or negative portrayal is not necessarily what we see as a positive or negative portrayal. Lynn thought she was depicting Anthony as a wonderful person, but that didn't come across to us.

"What would be interesting would be to make a list of characters for whom Lynn and we agree on how they are portrayed. (For example, we would agree with Lynn that Howard Bunt is a bad person.)"

OK, well, there'!  I think we and Lynn could agree that Lovey was Jewish and a dreadful stereotype at that.  Iris was dedicated to Jim, selfless and hard-working because she didn't get any help from the Pattersons.  

Maybe this will work better if we skip the reasons we agreed with Lynn and just stuck to the characters who came across as she meant them to.

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