Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, January 26

BDBs: One, in panel 3.

Panel 1: Watch and learn, Elly: Moira has problem solving skills! I can just picture Moira sweating bullets before Elly arrived, thinking, "Please don't let the old cow get here before Bea gets back," then deciding to bite the bullet and just tell her, upfront, that OMG, she'd have to wait a few minutes for her everlasting coffee. And, melodramatic much, El? I don't even look like that when I'm late for my cigarette break. No wonder Elly was able to "relate" to A Million Little Pieces. Also, if Bea shows up in this sequence, I believe that will be the first time she's been seen since she was hired. (I think. There may have been one strip.)

Panel 2: FFS, Moira, why didn't you just offer her the instant? Pretend it's no big deal and buy yourself some time! Elly's gonna start eating her face any second now!

Panel 3: ARGH! It is NOT FAIR to give Moira a worse butt than Elly! Making Mira evil so Elly can be benevolent is bad enough, but this is just cruel!

Anyway, no milk either? What's been going on here? Are Moira and Bea subtly rebelling, refusing to feed the beast so maybe she'll stop showing up at all?

Panel 4: Wonder what she means by that: how can she drink coffee at all, or how can she be so hooked that she'll drink anything approximating coffee? And Elly, get your navet nose out of there before you're permanently scarred!

Panel 5: I feel just like Moira looks. At least you're admitting it, Elly. But it is not cute.

ETA and OT: Speaking of "A Million Little Pieces", has anyone been following Fox Trot this week?
Tags: bookstore, moira, psycho elly

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