Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, January 25

BDBs: Poor Moira, who doesn't deserve it, in panel 4.

Panel 1: Jeesh, can't the Lynnions even remember who it is who's supposed to be losing her mind? Or is this supposed to be like when Elly was stressing over Kortney and drove to work with a thought balloon that said "worry worry worry worry", got pulled over by a cop, and kept babbling while he was lecturing her about paying attention to her driving?

Panel 2: Oh, okay; it's just that there's no fulfillment any more. Of course, another way to interpret it is, as above, Elly doesn't keep her mind on what she's doing.

Panel 3: Another cognitive disconnect. In the retcons, she's always gushing about how she created some exciting new display for the store. Now, in the strip, it's all mind-numbing routine.

Panel 4: Ooh, foreshadowing! Will it be that Kortney vandalized the store last night? A supplier is threatening legal action? The computers are down? And look how shocked Moira is at the sight of Elly showing up before store hours!

Panel 5: Oh, ha ha. Of course, the only thing that could upset Elly to the point of her glasses and earrings flying off would be a lack of COFFEE! And it just shows her level of involvement lately. (Of course, it doesn't necessarily reflect well on Moira either, but I'll give her a mulligan, since she's probably been doing 857,691 other things that Elly can't be arsed to do.)
Tags: bookstore, moira, psycho elly

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