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Thursday, 20 September 2011

In today's strip, we have Christopher asking the question that not only propels Mike's need to avenge himself against Elizabeth, it destroys his stupid belief that he would have gotten along with a little brother.

(Strip Number 4246, Original Publication Date, 21 October 1982)

Panel 1: When Elizabeth looks at baby Richard, she notices baby got no teef in him.

Panel 2: She then tells Christopher that his baby gots no teef, an'he gots no hair.

Panel 3: Christopher tells her that he cries, an'he wets, an'he can't do anything.

Panel 4: Instead of asking 'Lizabeth howcome the artist can't spell or punctuate correctly, Christopher asks howcome they like him best.

Summary: As I said before, the tension that drives Mike's incessant need to drive a person he'll always see as a hostile and alien presence who wants to replace him and deny him the love of his parents to the outer darkness where she belongs so that things will be right and he will be liked best comes from the inability of a sullen, stupid and selfish mind to see that the attention that must be paid a newborn is not favoritism. Given that he would have been just as jealous of a younger brother as Christopher is of his, Mike's claim that the lack of a penis is a mistake on Liz makes him even more of a scoundrel and bully than he would otherwise be.

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