babsbybend (babsbybend) wrote in binky_betsy,

Re. weddings

Is anyone else as surprised as I, that Paul McCartney got married (third time) on John Lennon's birthday?

Remember our surprise when Anthony picked the wedding date for his second wedding to be the same as his first?  (I think he picked that date.  Elizabeth was basically, "Oh, Anthony picked the rings.  I'm moving into Anthony's house."  If Anthony said that they were going to have salmon squares for the reception, she would have gone along with it.  I don't think that Elizabeth contributed one brain cell to the planning of her own wedding.)

In Real Life, someone did write to Dear Abby about some guy who wanted the same wedding date for wedding #2 as wedding #1.  Abby told the reader to ask the guy if there was some historical family connection to the date, or if he just wanted to make sure he wouldn't be confused about his anniversary.  ("Keeping Up Appearances" had the alarm code as the wedding anniversary, which poor Richard muddled up one night.  Hyacinth was more upset about him forgetting the date than all of the mess and calamity that was going on around her.)

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