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The Newsbite for 5 October 2011

Lynn's latest press release is about a charity walk in which Lynn and Katie are to participate.

On Sunday October 16th, the FBorFW studio crew will be participating in the Our Hospital Walk/Run for the North Bay Regional Health Centre. Liuba, Lynn and Katie will be participating in one of the walking events, and Lynn has contributed items and art to the children's event.

Our Hospital Walk/Run helps improve the wellness of our community. Funds raised during this event will support the Hospital's greatest needs. Find out more about the walk/run here.

While adults take part in the main event, there's an "April and Friends Walk" for the younger set. The April and Friends Walk is supervised by Canadore ECE students and instructors. The event is for children 18 months to 8 years of age. Children will enjoy a fun morning of supervised gym activities, a short walk and refreshments while you compete in the Walk/Run. Good luck to all the participants!

While it's nice to see that she does acknowledge April's existence, one wishes that she would acknowledge the young woman she'd be today and not the vehicle for jokes about being a doofy tomboy.

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