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October is Fundraising for Farley Month.

The latest news release is all about fundraising for Farley; not only are you exhorted to help out a good cause but also to clear out Lynn's garage.

October is the annual Fundraise For Farley month at The Farley Foundation!

Established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) in
2001, the Farley Foundation (a registered charity) assists seniors and
disabled persons on limited incomes with the necessary treatment of
their pets. In 2007, the Foundation expanded its criteria to assist the
pets of women at risk of abuse (and their children) who are
participating in OVMA's SafePet Program.

We're helping out! Buy Remembering Farley, Farley Follows His Nose, Farley and the Lost Bone or the Farley And The Lost Bone & Plush Farley Set
from our online shop this October and we'll donate $3 to the
Foundation. We'll also send you a signed FBorFW print and a temporary
tattoo featuring Farley's face!

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