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Sunday, 2 October 2011

In today's strip, Elly gets blindsided by yet another commonplace thing small children do: get insanely possessive of something they don't want very much.

(Strip Number 6090, Original Publication Date, 3 October 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off watching the kids having lunch; as Mike eats his Kraft Diner, Lizzie frowns and pokes at the salty orange lump in distaste.

Panel 2: The only thing about it that does make her happy is that it makes a PTOIIIIIING noise when she flips it in the air.

Panel 3: Elly's disembodied hand points at Lizzie's plate and her disembodied head tells Lizzie to eat her lunch; Lizzie glumly replies "No like macamoni."

Panel 4: Since Elly doesn't remember the past very well, she's baffled by the fact that Lizzie balks when she tells her "Come on....open up" and tries to force-feed her.

Panel 5: Lizzie's angry SHRIEK that she NO LIKE MACAMONI!! really confuses Elly because, as we know, Elly will eat anything that doesn't put up too much of a struggle. Since she can any thing, she doesn't understand that her children hate certain foods.

Panel 6: Since Mike is a growing boy and since he probably wants to score points with Mommy, he asks if he can have Lizzie's lunch if she doesn't want it.

Panel 7: Elly's handing the plate over to someone who'll actually eat it causes Lizzie to SHRIEK "MY DINNER!! MINE!!"

Panel 8: Since Elly thinks that Mike's trying to take it away from her and her reaction thereto has settled things, she tells Lizzie to eat her lunch.

Panel 9: Lizzie's telling her that she no like macamoni baffles Elly so badly, she looks like she got hit with a brick.

Summary: This is because she never saw a child not want to play with something but also not want someone else to have it. I don't quite know why children do that but I do know that this need to play dog in the manger is a fairly commonplace thing and thus should not surprise anyone who claims to know children.


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