Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, January 20

Panel 1: Ah, so here we get the context for "Mira Has Alzheimer's" or whatever's being led up to. Or perhaps it's another variation on the old theme "I Hate Change. Everybody Stay The Same Forever An' Ever Amen." ETA: And once again, the stem of the talk balloon looks like ectoplasm.

Panel 2: Is Mike even listening?

Panel 3: Oh, so NOW Deanna admits Wilf watches too much TV! Yet another observation she keeps to herself.

Panel 4: Whoa. Doesn't it take a few more years than this before married couples start to look alike?

Seriously, though, about Mike's comment. I read a theory, years ago, about mathematical relativity and ages. If a woman has her first baby at 20, she is twenty times as old as the child. When she is 25 and the child is 5, she is five times as old as the child. When she is 30 and the child is 10, she is three times as old. 40 and 20: twice as old. 50 and 30: one and two/thirds. 60 and 40: one and a half. In short, the parent's ascendancy decreases as the numbers go up. And before you know it, the child is telling the mother "Make sure you go to the bathroom before we leave!"
Tags: mike an' dee together

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