dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

The Podcast for 13 September 2011

Today's podcast is Lynn's semi-coherent take on the Humor Project. Given that she seems to have been interested in the thing, it's almost comprehensible.

Also, Lynn will be appearing at the Montreal ComicConhttp://fborfw.com/news/2011/09/meet-lynn-at-montreal-comiccon-sept-17th-and-18th.php this coming weekend. On Saturday Lynn will be opening the Toon Boom (Garfield's Comic Boom) presentation at 12:30pm with a brief talk about cartooning. From 3-4:30pm she'll be available for a book signing at the Toon Boom booth. On Sunday Lynn will be signing books from 11-12:30 and will repeat her talk at 2:30. If you're in the area, stop in and say hello! (That being said, she's going to have competition for attention: competition in the form of six ponies and a chimera who might actually be Q given that it's John de Lancie voicing the character.)

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