Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, January 17

Panel 1: Well, good. No Kelpfroth-Sobinsky connection at all. However, the impression is that Wilf is a teacher breaking up a kindergarten dispute.

Panel 2: Well, that's fairly reasonable. Of course, it doesn't explain why Melville or Winnie couldn't have communicated this in words long ago. But then they're not good with words, like that guy silhouetted in the background.

Panel 3: Oh, shut up, girly-man! Shut your gaping pie-hole! Screw you for letting this escalate and then trying to be a hero. ETA: He actually looks more scared than angry. Almost like...he's not in control of the situation!

Panel 4: That is no solution at all. "We all have to get along," in-DEED. Who taunted the K's with a tape line and a newspaper column? Who hides in his attic to escape the complexities of relationships? If you really wanted everyone to get along, you would sacrifice a small slice of your pride and admit that you've contributed to this.

Panel 5: Well, thank heavens neither of them is listening to him! However, I really want to slap that shocked expression off Mike's face. Guess it's up to Lovey now. Or maybe a third, heretofore unseen neighbor will call the cops.

ETA: Oh, dang it! I think I wasn't refreshing the Yahoo! page properly, so you guys were able to beat me to the punch. Good commentary, though, ellcee, and good observation, qnjones!

Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to share this. This morning, I told Cookie Monster about the anon poster's comments. He asked, "How do you think Lynn would handle a natural-disaster story arc, anyway?"

"Oh, probably Liz would cuddle with her cat, John would drown trying to save his trains, Mike would write a column about it ["I'm on the rain-soaked, ravaged ruins of my roof"], Deanna would boil carrot coins for the other survivors in the shelter, and Elly would flash Liz's photo at the rescuers. April's the only one who would have any sense: she would use survival skills she learned at camp. But then she'd have a crisis of conscience over whether she should feel bad that Becky died."
Tags: evil mira, kelpfroths, the delicate genius

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