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A blog entry and a video letter.

The latest News Bite concerns the wedding dress Lynn donated to some exhibition. As expected, we get glurge, a slam against her parents and a reminder that Lynn loves celebrities.

Lynn recently lent her wedding dress (from her second wedding) to Joy Fine, who had put together a travelling exhibition of wedding dresses (known as Weddings In History).

"With the unique combination of vintage and celebrity worn wedding dresses this exhibition will be the delight of women everywhere. Each entry to our show has been carefully picked for its sighabilityTM, that quality which causes a woman, as she passes a display, to stop and sigh as she pictures the bride and then herself or her daughter wearing that beautiful dress/gown."

Here are some notes from Lynn:

"When Rod Johnston and I decided to get married, we made no real wedding plans. Our friend Bernard Baskin, a reform Rabbi in Hamilton Ontario, agreed to perform the service in his living room and his wife, my dear friend Marjorie, made us a cake. We only invited a few guests. My parents didn't want to travel all the way from Vancouver but my mom offered to make my wedding dress. She did a lot of sewing and had some "signature designs" for which she was known. I asked for one of her unbleached cotton summer dresses with the embroidery she was so good at doing. She made me this simple empire waist dress and on it she embroidered bold elements from all the seasons as well as tiny images of bugs and birds and flowers. It was the sweetest gift and something I treasure. When Joy Fine told me about her travelling exhibition of wedding dresses and asked if I would lend mine, I wasn't too sure about letting Mom's gift leave the house. Joy convinced me, however, that it would be well taken care of and returned. This is the second time I have lent Joy my dress- and this time it is displayed right next to Phyllis Diller's wedding dress. This gives me a lot of pleasure, as Phyllis is someone I so admire and have had the privilege to get to know. Joy recently sent me these photos and I thought I'd share them with you!" LJ

In today's podcast, Lynn blathers away about how great it is to rely on Steph and Katie so as to be able to afford the website or some such nonsense; since she has no idea that the Internet is as reliant on advertising as network television, she sounds fairly stupid.

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