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The FBorFW Newsletter for September 2011

This month's newsletter is brought to you by knee-jerk anti-Americanism and the hatred of young people.

September is here.
One thing that makes us feel a little better about the approaching end of summer is the Nipissing First Nation pow-wow that happens every Labour Day weekend.

Have you been watching our weekly podcasts? They're only 2 or 3 minutes long, and feature quick interviews with Lynn. In this one, Lynn was asked Has it been fun revisiting and writing blurbs for the strips?

You can download the rest through iTunes free of charge or watch them on our website.

Graphic of the Pattersons which reads Inside Scoop
In late August, Lynn and Katie travelled to visit the offices of the Farley Foundation to learn more about this year's Fundraise for Farley Month which is happening in October. This year's event is gearing up to be the biggest, most exciting event ever thanks to the very generous support of first-ever title sponsor, P&G Pet Care, manufacturer of IAMS Veterinary Formula and Eukanuba pet foods. This year's fundraiser item is a 2-in-1 pet food/water bowl: just unzip to reveal two 6x6" waterproof dishes. This fabric bowl scrunches down to fit just about anywhere. Cool!

Lynn has been contributing mural imagery to the North Bay and District Hospital; the murals are printed in large sheets and affixed to the hospital walls. If you'd like to see more photos of Lynn's contributions, you can take a look at our gallery here.

Last Friday we enabled commenting on our News Bites articles and on our Strip Fix page! If you'd like to make a remark about an article or comment on an individual FBorFW strip, you're welcome to do so - look for the "Leave a Comment" link near the title (News Bites) or above each strip in the Strip Fix area. We require you to log in to our site in order to comment, and you can log in using any of these online services at which you may have an account: Movable Type, Yahoo!, Google, and OpenID (which includes Flickr, Wordpress.com, MySpace, Blogger, AOL and others) - sign in using your account from any of these institutions and join in the conversation.

In August, Lynn's friend Jordan Gorfinkel came to visit with his family. Jordan (aka "Gorf") is a veteran comic book editor & writer, newspaper cartoonist and music & video producer, as well as the proud father of four children. Our studio snap for this month is Lynn with Jordan's daughter Ashira on the North Bay Waterfront. You can check out Jordan's family-themed comic strip here: Everything's Relative.

Lynn was asked to design a cachet for a souvenir "Cover" for the British North America Philatelic Society to be presented at their convention here in North Bay in September. They asked for a "Voyageur" theme, as this area was right on the historic fur trading route that connected North Eastern Ontario to the St Lawrence River through the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers. You can take a look at the art here, or get contact info if you're interested in ordering one!

Fantagraphics has just published the 16th volume in the Complete Peanuts series: The Complete Peanuts 1981-1982. Lynn was thrilled to be asked to write the introduction, which you can read here on our News Bites page. There is some video of the book along with a photograph so you can check out these beautiful volumes of Sparky's work.

By popular request, we've collected all the strips in the storyline about Grandpa Jim's stroke and aphasia into a page in our Strip Catalog. Revisit these moments in FBorFW, or take a look at many of our other classic events here.

We're nearly done our expanded character pages! April's was done in August. We thought we'd covered all the Pattersons, but we realized that now we need to do a page for the pets, so we'll be working on that soon.

Lynn's older collection books are back in print! If you're trying to finish your collection and want signed copies from our shop, we've now got copies of all of them (except for the rare or unusual ones like More Than a Month of Sundays - if you're looking for those, try your local independent bookstore). Check the Steals and Deals section of this newsletter for a $5 discount coupon.

Have you joined us on Facebook yet? We have a trivia contest once a week - "like" our page for a chance to win.

We're still posting episodes of the animated FBorFW series on our site; each one is about seven minutes long and is a segment from the show that once ran on Canada's Teletoon network. Check for a new one every week.

Farley And The Lost Bone, our brand new children's book, has been published and is now available from our shop. We've also bundled the book with a plush Farley at a $5 discount. Check out our kids' books here, and don't forget to look in the Steals and Deals part of this newsletter for a coupon code!

Our 2012 wall calendars are now available! We know it's early, but the print runs are really small and we wanted to make sure we ordered enough for everyone! Get yours now, before our supplies run out.

We keep getting asked "How do I get FBorFW by email?" Universal Uclick offers two types of accounts on GoComics.com - paid (Genius) and free - and both allow you to get comics by email. Sign up for your free account here. You can also learn more about the difference between services and upgrade to Genius level if you wish.

What was your all-time favourite FBorFW storyline?

Tell us whom you'd choose and why and we'll choose one winner to receive a surprise FBorFW gift.

Next month: a different challenge and a different prize! Thanks for joining in!
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Ojibwe word of the month
Animikiikaa - Thundering

[Image: Snapshot of Lynn Johnston and Ashira Gorfinkel walking down a pier; Ms Gorfinkel asks "Seriously, Canada isn't in the United States?" and Lynn thought-bubbles "Oy, vey!!"]

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- Lovely snapshot, eh? Not only does Lynn cast a young woman as an ignorant airhead because "we all know how flighty the silly young women who run around these days are", she gives vent to the more repulsive side of Canadian nationalism. Don't get me wrong on this; when W seemed to go out of his way to not mention Canada as one of the allies lending moral support after 9/11, I was as pissed as everyone else; unlike Lynn, though, I know that most Americans remember that we're not America Junior.

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