Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, January 16

Panel 1: Okay, so they're not old pals. Phew.

Panel 2: And here's Dee doing what she does best: running away from a problem. Thus far, though, the Mira-Kelpfroth dialogue is pretty realistic. Except I wonder why Melville's not asking "Who the hell are you?".

Panel 3: Deanna!! Don't tell your father; tell your husband! Or, here's a really far-out idea: insert yourself between Mira and Melville and say something placating. You know, at this point, I almost have to respect you for the "planned accident". Even if you were dishonest, at least it was the first, last and only time I've seen you take matters into your own hands.

Also, the perspective on Deanna running into the apartment is weird. ETA: And why does she say "again"? When was the first time?

Panel 4: OMG! It's Hitler!


So I guess we'll go back to the status quo. As has been pointed out, the ceiling-banging is not that bad because it doesn't happen all the time. And Katrina and its aftermath are not that bad, because hurricanes don't happen all the time. And 9/11 was not that bad, because terrorists hijacking planes and using them to destroy skyscrapers doesn't happen all the time. Bottom line is, it's okay for Mike to sulk and provoke the K's in passive ways, but Mira is bad, bad, bad for provoking them openly. And ten to one, Lovey will have the last word, by Thursday at the latest.
Tags: doormat deanna, evil mira, kelpfroths, wilf

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