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Online Commenting and you and the latest podcast

In the latest development, Steph has unveiled a new feature: the ability to respond directly to a News Bite or a strip.

Last Friday we enabled commenting on our News Bites articles and on our Strip Fix page! If you'd like to make a remark about an article or comment on an individual FBorFW strip, you're welcome to do so - look for the "Leave a Comment" link near the title (News Bites) or above each strip in the Strip Fix area.

We require you to log in to our site in order to comment, and you can log in using any of these online services at which you may have an account: Movable Type, Yahoo!, Google, and OpenID (which includes Flickr, Wordpress.com, MySpace, Blogger, AOL and others) - sign in using your account from any of these institutions and join in the conversation.

Note: The word "institution" isn't being used correctly so I'm guessing Lynn wrote this one.

As for the podcast, I'm assuming we're going to be told about that cartoonist who does the Charmin bears.

ETA: And I'm right on the money about this week's podcast. I don't expect that we'll get an on-site admission that there was a mix up but Steph is cool with e-mailing people on that score so....whatever.

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