eltiteretista (eltiteretista) wrote in binky_betsy,


In a lot of the recent strips (by recent I mean the ones done before the 2007 relaunch), the Pattersons acquired a certain arrogance when talking about "lesser people", especially Becky.

As I remember, it was a topic of discussion in this forum every time it showed up; and I basically agreed that they had indeed become very snobby.

But I was wondering about this particular strip

I actually think Granpa Jim has a good point here; being able to fuss whether the bows on the reception pews are eggshell or ivory is a freaking luxury when you think about it.

The again it's all about perspective, a wedding is a pretty important day for the family and I think Jim's line of logic could be the one that later led to "April eat your dinner, there are starving children in Africa! (paraphrased)"

What do you think?

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