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The News-bite for 26 August 2011

In the latest news-bite, Lynn has just discovered a troubling new phenomenon: the online scam. Perhaps next week, she'll tell us to not read e-mails about Nigerian princes and trapped funds.

A note from Lynn: On a recent trip to the States, I almost missed my flight because of the long line at customs. I saw the Nexus sign and decided to apply for a pass. I went online. There were several sites to choose from. I went to one and it looked legit. A friend had told me it would be expensive and when I saw the price was $300.00, I gulped...and decided to continue. After all, it was for business.

Yesterday, I went down to Toronto to complete the last part of the process; fingerprinting, eye scan and more questions...and the official at the counter said "If you had gone to our official government site, you'd only have paid $50.00!"

Turns out there are companies out there who are not government sites who can legally sign you up to things like this. They charge an enormous sum- which they justify by saying that every item on the questionnaire is an added cost! IE: when you fill in your birth date, you pay. When you tell them your gender and country of birth, you pay again- and so on...until you've been charged $250.00 more than the actual price. They do send the paperwork to Nexus. They do pay the fee, but you have been scammed in the process and they are laughing! So...if you apply for a Nexus pass on line or any other government paperwork, make sure the website address ends in .gov (in the States) or gc.ca [official government of Canada websites end with gc.ca]. If the charge seems unreasonably high...you're being taken! I was!!


I know I shouldn't be all high and mighty here but my "Seriously??" senses are tingling to beat the band. It's as if she's Mike Patterson being rooked into buying all those Valentine's Day gifts because someone is exploiting her need to not let anything like caution get in the way of getting things done in ten seconds flat; the result is twenty percent more ridiculous.

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