aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,

News Bites Again

Another news bite: "Lynn Designs Cover for Philatelic Society"

I was asked, some time ago. to do a "Cover" design for the British North American Philatelic Society to be presented at their convention here in North Bay in September. They asked for a "Voyageur" theme, as this area was right on the historic fur trading route that connected North Eastern Ontario to the St Lawrence River through the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers.

[photos: images of Lynn's design, featuring the new-run Pattersons in a canoe on the rapids]

I did an illustration which was coloured by Kevin Strang and printed as a limited edition. ("Cover" is the name stamp collectors give an envelope when it has a stamp, address, cancellation or other details on it.) Some of these will be made available to collectors outside the organization in September. We'll provide contact information in September!

As you can see, Lynn's own special way of punctuating strikes again.

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