aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,

"What are you doing in the crawl space?"

While looking for strips that I wanted to refer to in a "Coffee Talk" submission, I came across the strip where Elly mines the crawl space for yard-sale items. Thinking of our recent discussion of floorplans, I was curious to see whether Lynn had noticeably changed the location or configuration by the time Dee dug out the miracle not-Marian wedding dress. While I didn't find a clear-cut answer to my original question, I did happen to notice that in both strips, Mike asks the question I have as the subject to this entry. The earlier strip: "What are you doing in the crawl space, Mom?" Later strip: "Deanna? What are you doing in the crawl space?" Clearly, he had designated himself as keeper an guardian of the crawl space.

Edit: As I mentioned below, I dug out the old "Ned Search" from the Wayback machine. You can have a look at the old page as it was in 2004 here. Notice that the master bedroom is listed as "Elly's room." Hrm. If you click on the individual links, you will most likely be redirected to a "not found" page on the official site, but if you copy the link location and plug THAT into the Wayback search, you can probably get a capture of it.

Edit 2: I forgot that before there was a Ned hunt, there was April's bunny hunt. You can actually click on the "room" links and get the images, with age-ten April's cutesy narration.

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