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Monday, 8 August 2011

In today's strip, Jim and Marian greet the Pattersons at the station; as they do so, Jim reminds us where Phil got his sense of humor from. Too bad that we also find out where Elly got her being a humorless twit from too.

(Strip Number 4204, Original Publication Date, 9 August 1982)

Panel 1: As the train pulls into the station, Mike looks at the waiting crowd through the window and says "Gramma!! I see Gramma!!"

Panel 2: As Lizzie gets ready to dock with her, Marian gushes "Hello!! My goodness; you two have grown!!"

Panel 3: She then tells Jim to look because both Mike and Lizzie are several inches taller.

Panel 4: Jim makes a mildly humorous comment about how he's relieved that he hasn't shrunk is guaranteed to inspire at least one mildly sappy letter on Coffee Talk.

Summary: I don't know about you guys but I kinda like this one; it's a mildly pleasant slice-of-life strip that anyone can relate to. The grey cloud surrouding this silver living is that it sort of makes her later exercises in pulling ideas out of her nether regions all the more pathetic.

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