Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, January 11

Panel 1: Buh? When were we told that Wilf is related to the Kelpfroths? And just so we know Mira is Eeevil, she responds with a criticism. ETA: I don't know how I ended up misreading Mira's nitpick as "more salt". However, if Deanna did use too much salt, perhaps that's more Patterson (by marriage) passive aggression!

Panel 2: Oh, ha ha! They're doing just what Mike said they would do! So predictable, and that's why they're awful! I wonder, though, why Wilf doesn't have favorite shows already bookmarked. Is he the kind of retired guy who just plunks down in front of the tube and watches whatever comes on?

Panel 3: Well, okay; that's pretty indefensible. What the heck would Extreme Golf entail, anyway? I wonder, though, why Mike repeats himself in his thought balloon. He's already made it clear to Deanna that TV watching cuts into his precious writing time. His inner voice should be saying something along the lines of "60 channels and all he can come up with is tool shops?" I mean, since he's so gifted with words and all. The monthly retcon Mike is so overly verbose; the strip Mike is so pedestrian. And neither of them is a good communicator at all.

Panel 4: Mike looks like he's going to throw up. Or as if his sweater is assimiliating him.

Panel 5: What. A rude. Bastard. Can't even excuse himself out loud.
Tags: dickhead mike, evil mira, the delicate genius, wilf

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