Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, January 10

Panel 1: OMG, Mike is actually making physical contact with one of his kids! Robin is so cute, too, trying to touch the ceiling! I wonder, though: is this before or after dinner? One would think that if the Sobinskis aren't there yet, Deanna would tell Merrie to get up from the table because it has to be set (with "fault" and "pecker", hawhaw). And if it's after dinner, wouldn't both kids be in bed?

Anyway. Mike is so lying when he says he likes Deanna's parents and that they get along. Doesn't look like Dee believes him either. Actually, this would be funnier if Mike said, "I'm very fond of your mother...Pass the gravy."

Panel 2: So what is he saying here? He'd rather be with the women and the kids? We know that's not true. He'd rather be with the whole family? Doubtful. He's uncomfortable with Wilf doing his bump-on-a-log impression? Maybe, and understandable if true. But the way he words it, it's like, "Ugh, your dad likes to watch televeesion [what kind of pretentious jackass doesn't say TV?], while a literate person such as myself prefers higher pursuits!"

Also, I like the smiling sunflower in the playpen.

Panel 3: Oh, you self-centered [CENSORED]! According to you, ANYTHING other than masturbating in your attic is a waste of time. You do NOT need to spend that much time on your writing/editing/translating/whateverthef. Well, go ahead. Sit there on the couch jiggling your foot and let your father-in-law know how worthless you think he is.

Panel 4: You know, for someone who's supposedly such a genius with the printed word, Mike sure puts his foot in his mouth a lot when he talks.

Panel 5: WTF? How is that a punchline? And I hate that earnest, open face. Poor misunderstood Mike. POW.
Tags: dickhead mike, did you know mike is a writer?, evil mira, mike has kids?, the delicate genius

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