dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

In today's strip, Elly's inattention makes a bit of a mess of the trip up to Vancouver; somehow, it'll be Mike and Lizzie's fault that she's in such an all-fired rush that she can't tell the word 'room' from 'roomette'.

(Strip Number 292, Original Publication Date, 27 July 1982)

Panel 1: As our story continues, a Via Rail employee I'll call "Hercules McFuffidge" shows John and Elly where they and the kids will be sleeping; upon showing them 12 and 13 F, Elly tells him that she'd asked for two bedrooms.

Panel 2: He looks at the tickets and tells her that it clearly says 'roomettes' on them.

Panel 3: Goggle-Eyed John blurts out "WHAT??" and then asks her why she didn't make sure and why she didn't check to see what she was doing.

Panel 4: Herc asks to be excused so that John can continue to yell at Elly in private.

Summary: What I myself think happened is that when Elly booked the trip, she'd tried to stretch a buck and gotten confused by the phraseology used to describe the accomodations; since she can't admit to being an inattentive nitwit who's too busy racing around in a blind panic all the time, it'll be on Mike and Lizzie somehow. Their naughtiness made her lose the focus she never had.

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