Molly (fairest1) wrote in binky_betsy,

I just watched a documentary, Waiting for Superman, a film about the American school system. A system where good teachers can't get a raise due to performance and shitty teachers can't be fired even if they sit around and read the newspaper all class.

And it made me realize that, back in Mtig, Liz was a good teacher. Small class size, gave the students individual attention, made the classwork interesting and did things to encourage them to learn even outside of school hours -- and she reached out to a child who was falling behind.

Going through the archives, only Miss Edwards, Mrs. Lowe, and Elizabeth were teachers who approached a student as an individual for reasons other than discipline. She made a distinct effort to hold the interest of the children, make them want to learn.

Sure, she had her flaws, but any teacher needs to learn from their students, especially just starting out. Liz should have stayed there; she'd be better off in so many respects.

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