eltiteretista (eltiteretista) wrote in binky_betsy,

Lynn fails wiriting about children

I can never comment too much on how good or bad parenting is shown in FBoFW since I'm not a parent myself.

However, recently I became a camp counselor for the summer and I've been looking after children who are not my family and that I never saw before.

One thing I must say is that Lynn never bothered showing Elizabeth deal with bullying. She kinda, sorta dealt with it using Shannon and April, but high-school bullying and grade-school bullying are entirely different.

The camp I'm helping at is pretty mild (40 kids and 10 staff) and the rules say that you're not allowed to hit or hurt each other's feelings. Even so, yesterday I had to pull apart two boys who would not leave each other alone.

TL&DR version: this strip would be much more believable if Elizabeth had dealt with a situation similar to mine. Heck, I won't be seeing these children again in a week, she has to see the same faces for a whole year at least.

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