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Sunday, 19 June 2011

In today's strip, the kids remind Idiot Elly that without them, Father's Day would be sort of meaningless because they wouldn't be parents. Watch the Lynnsight not quite get that point.

(Strip Number 7119, Original Publication Date, 20 June 1982)

Panel 1: It's early Father's Day morning at the Pattermanse; as they make a show of creeping up to the master bedroom, Mike turns to Lizzie, shushes her and tells her not to wake Daddy.....

Panel 2: .....yet. It's then that we see that John is still fast asleep.

Panel 3: The two children leap onto the bed and happily yell "YAAAAY!!! Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!!!"; this wakes John up but good.

Panel 4: Elly McBringdown materializes onto the scene to destroy spontaneous displays of happiness as is her function in this world; she does so by telling the kids to come on and leave John alone.

Panel 5: She furthers her anti-"taking pleasure in the small things" agenda by whining about how for one day a year, they should give the poor guy one day's worth peace and quiet.

Panel 6: Before Mike can get himself into trouble he doesn't need by trying to convince someone who won't yield because she's too stupid to that he meant nothing wrong, John tells her to send the kids in because their presence is okay with him.

Panel 7: As they get back on the bed, he tells her that he doesn't mind sharing his day with them.

Panel 8: Mike agrees with this because without him or Lizzie, John wouldn't even be a father.

Summary: This is a cute strip that I would like better were it not for two things. First, Elly obviously interprets this as a defeat, not a Kodak moment; this is because the children got away with something and that's terrible. Second, the Lynnsight will totally destroy the cute little premise.

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