dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Farley and the Lost Bone.

I was walking around like I do of a morning when I came across the new book at the local Coles outlet and thought I'd share my impressions with you.

- We start things off with a reminder that it's Springtime; as Farley stretches out, he suddenly remembers that there's something out there that he needs to remind himself of. Having watched Elly digging in the garden and seen John tightening something with a wrench, he realizes that he's got a soupbone somewhere on the property just waiting for him. After getting yelled at for digging up Elly's flower bed, JOHN's (not Mike's) model trains, the sandbox Lizzie was playing and and Mike's refrigator box fortress of solitude, he goes where he likes to console himself after being hollered at by idiots who don't understand dogs and remembers that he buried it there. Upon noticing him with it, Lizzie realizes what's going on and is echoed by John and Mike. Since she will die never understanding how dogs behave, Elly freaks because he's dirty and John, who's not paying attention to his wife's willful ignorance, puts his supper out on the porch. Realizing that scavengers might steal his bone, he buries it somewhere. The last line is sort of annoying because it reminds us that he's forgotten where he buried it.....again.


- As was true in the strip, Lizzie has a better handle on how Farley thinks than Elly does.

- Yeers ov trieing too teech Mikeal to spel the Inglish langwaje cann bee sumerized az an exursize in fewtilitee. That's because his fort has the proud declaration "No Groanups Aloud" scrawled on it in sloppy, primitive block script.

- Elly has a Patterbutt and a nose en route to becoming a trunk despite this being set in the year 1987.

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