howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

2012 For Better or For Worse Calendar

The News Bites announced the 2012 For Better or For Worse calendar "Pics from the Past", which features the Pattersons when April was about 1 – 2 years old and is clearly a newly-drawn picture from Lynn. The reason it is clearly newly-drawn is because it appears that Lynn Johnston could not be bothered to check her old comic strips to see what Elizabeth and Michael looked like during that time. The other characters look fairly normal, while Farley appears more Farley-like and less Eddie-like than he does in Farley and the Lost Bone.

The big differences are with Michael and Elizabeth. Michael is drawn as a taller and longer version of his new-run 7-year-old self with the womanly hips he would develop as an adult and the Linus van Pelt-imitation head he sported during the early years of the comic strip, complete with receding hairline. Elizabeth has pigtails (not a ponytail) and no glasses, but otherwise looks a lot like Elizabeth. Mike's appearance is the most startling.

To see what the characters looked like back then, this is the link to the April, 1992 (April’s first birthday) strips.

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