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Sunday, January 1

"Good morning!" she said as the clock struck 2. Had a good night, though; hope you all did too!

Now, first of all, what is wrong with the Yahoo! link? They STILL haven't updated! Do I have to reset or something?

Anyway, the strip. I pretty much TA with comments already posted. My take on the women in the opening panels is that, since Connie is fed up with Elly and Elly avoids Anne because it's allegedly so depressing to be around someone who *has* to keep her randy husband on a short leash, she's developed the habit of plunking herself down at the same table with strangers and joining the convo uninvited. Thus, the incredulous remark was an attempt to make her uncomfortable enough to leave without actually saying, "Excuse me, but who even asked you?"

When John says "How would you like them folded?" the pointiness of his shoulder was misleading to me. For a second, I thought he had boobs.

Okay, so if you want your towels on the rack hotel-style, fine. But really, how much time does it take to refold them before putting them on the rack? I mean, I realize eight hours a week in the bookstore is very taxing, but...

And John looks so sly in the last panel, as if he's masterminded something. You just know that all his enthusiasm and "sure, I'll cooperate!" prior to this is simply a defense mechanism. Anything to avoid another one of Elly's meltdowns.

So I hope the coming week will involve Liz somehow, but who knows.
Tags: john is whipped, psycho elly

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