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Conceiving April, Part Two.

We continue on with Lynn's look back at her creation of April.

[BGM: Up-tempo Guitar Solo. Graphic: Family Grouping which fades into title card reading "Conceiving April, Part 2.]

Lynn: Oh, well, of course, everybody who's expecting a baby is involved and people who are in the medical profession, they're involved and one of the things too is that I wanted April to be born with a midwife and it was at a time where there was tremendous controversy over midwifery and my dear friend Murray Enkin who had written books about it and who had supported the midwife involvement in childbirth, he was getting me all kinds of information about how safe it is, how practical it is, how engaging and warm and mild it is, and and, so I had the two sides (as she speaks, we see the strip for 4 January 1991 scroll by) saying "You can't do this, you can't side with midwifery against, y'know, medical practices" and all that sort of stuff so I said "To heck with you all!" and I had her born at home by accident because it was a, because it was a snowstorm and, of course, Elly's neighbor is a nurse across the street and she helps out and it's like "Doggone it, anyway" so I went ahead (as she speaks, we see the strip for 28 March 1991 scroll by) anyway and she was born at home and it was all a lot of fun, it was all very emotional, it was, it was really exciting. And then the neighbors came along and put storks all over my yard with, y'know, "Congratulations on the birth of the new baby" so all over my front yard there were these storks and, uh, I had a bunch of friends come over with baby gifts and wine to celebrate this new, imaginary baby which was a lot of fun so friends and family got involved and, uh-uh, imaginary April came along and she was a great addition to the strip.

[End Title.]

- Here's some information about the books Doctor Enkin co-authored.

- Lynn missed a great opportunity to slam John; that's because the big jerk damned near crapped his pants when Elly raised the issue because he was afraid of what people who don't care what he does as long as he doesn't involve them in his idiocy might think.

- Also, she clean forgot that she admitted that April was simply another avatar for Katie.

- Finally, if April is such a great addition to the strip, why do the other characters treat her like an incontinent radioactive leper with Tourettes?

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