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The latest podcast: "Conceiving April"

The latest podcast has just come on line and it's about how Lynn came up with the idea for the Picky-Face Martian Princess.

[As a guitar solo plays, we see an image of the Pattersons from the early 1990s which fades to the title card.]
Lynn: I really did want another child, I wanted to have a third child but, um, my job and, um, I'd had a busy family already and it just wasn't a practical move and so I was talking to Cathy Guisewite who does the strip Cathy and she said "Well, make one up!" and I said "I, I can't write about something that I don't know about and I don't have a third child" and she said "So what? You'll get into it!!" and I thought "Well, why not?"

[Image: Strip from 22 November 1990]
Lynn: And so what was fun was going through the whole pregnancy, of Elly's pregnancy again and I did gain the weight (laughs) and, and, again, when we were talking about imagination and putting yourself right there, it was amazing how it came back and you go through the nine months go through and all the thought processes and, you know, the food and the worries and the family comments and that type of thing and preparing for a third child. But what April did was inject wonderful, wonderful new resources for me because she wasn't based on anyone.

[Image: Strip from 9 January 1991]

Lynn: It wasn't like I had a child already at home I had to protect, she was completely imaginary and whereas I had made Elizabeth look a lot like a kid from another family, not mine, and she had the blond, curly hair and my kids tended to have the dark, straight hair and April looked just like Kate did when she was little. I was able to have Katie again as a baby and, uh, have her grow up with a great deal of Kate's personality as well.

[Fade to black accompanied by a guitar solo; end logo.]


- She explains who Cathy Guisewite is to those who don't know about her fellow cartoonist.

- Also, she reminds us that Guisewite told her to simply create a character from whole cloth.

- What I find refreshing is that Lynn cops to not having the imaginative capacity required to examine a situation she has not personally experienced; were we to congratulate her on her candor, however, it wouldn't go down well.

- Finally, April isn't really imaginary after all; she's just another version of Katie Johnston. The realization that she's just contradicted herself on so many levels seems to have eluded her; not only did she not come up with a new idea, she just recycled the Lizzie plotline from the first few years of the strip. She also leaves us wondering how much of April is Katie.

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