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Reader Art Contest: The Verdict

The entries in the Reader Art Contest.  There are some really good ones and Jade has a real talent for cartoon cats.

Lynn's Choices:
There was a diverse mix of styles and ages - and I was impressed by the talent! Because my own instincts go towards "story" as much as art: I tend to favour a piece that is compelling in some way. Even a portrait can have something to it that engages the audience and "says" something! For painting skill and attractiveness, I thought the three Afghan hound paintings were really nice! I thought too, that the pencil drawing of the Pug on the right was a very good piece. The drawing, however that kept me coming back was the illustration of the girl on the jumping horse! I like the art, the sensation of movement, the colour and the personalities of both horse and rider. They have great expressions and there is an impact that makes you remember the image. Perhaps it's because I'm a cartoonist, but my choice for first place here is the jumper. Second, the Afghan hound portrait on the left and the pencil Pug on the right- below the Afghans.

There is much to say in favour of all the entries. The poster on the top right is well drawn and colourful and fun. I liked it a lot! Some of the animation style pieces were well done- but I like to see people do what comes from their own soul and not something that is really a "copy". Sometimes cartoons look like something any good technician could do. Anime art is often like this- stereotypical and not very original. People who use computers have a unique skill. This new art form is just coming to the fore and it's difficult to judge this within a collection of hand drawn/painted works. I'm impressed by what you're doing, but I couldn't choose it over the original pieces. It was great to see all the entries. You have added another element to the website and given me a chance to see your work and the pets you love! Thanks so much for participating in this "show". We made it a competition, but really, you all came through with flying colours! Thanks so much. LJ

That's right everyone: anime is stereotypical and not original and computer-generated art also isn't original, or at least not something which could be chosen over "original" pieces. /sarcasm 

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