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A Storm in April

Inspired by the Christmas Angel post I looked at some of the other For Better or For Worse TV episodes and found this little gem.

I'm not sure if livejournal is still being stupid about links so I'll just say that you can find the episode, and many other wallbangers, on Youtube.

We open with Elly doing April’s hair as John asks her if it’s a good idea to take April with her to the library. Elly tells him that she’ll be fine there is a lot for April to do there. Meanwhile April goes downstairs and gets into Farley’s food dish and John and Elly stand there gobsmacked because how could a toddler, at least I think that’s how old April is supposed to be here, get into mischief when they weren’t watching.

So, Elly takes April to the library and despite saying there are so many things to do for children April’s age Elly decides the best course of action is to put April at a table with nothing to do and no one to supervise her. Of course it isn’t long before April is running around with a cart of books, that should be too heavy for her to push, scattering them down the stairs and dumping water out of the water cooler.

Next Elly puts April in a spinning chair with a box of small candies and tells her not to move. Well this can’t possibly end badly.

Well after April scatters candies everywhere and throws up on Elly’s skirt Elly finally gets a clue and leaves the library with April. And we are then treated to a song montage that says April is trouble and Elly saying that she isn’t like the other two, April only stops when she’s sleeping. Because of course the day’s antics were done by April deliberately to make Elly’s life miserable and none of it is due to Elly’s poor planning and lack of parenting skills.

Then we get the story of Elly’s pregnancy and April’s birth in animated form and we get some of the staples we’ve come to associate with this strip. John ignores his children to read the newspaper, Elizabeth acts in a creepy way towards John, Elly bottles up her own feelings rather than talking about them, and Mike it his usual smug selfish self.

Then we end with the moral that ‘enjoy the kids while you can they grow up too quickly’. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.
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