Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, December 28

Panel 1: No followup on Deanna's remark. I guess it was just a comment, nothing more. Mike being an absentee dad is just the way it is. And Liz, we already knew your itinerary.

Panel 2: Aaaaaaand here we go with the flashback! And I love how Liz makes it all about Warren's timing, not her spaghetti-spine. She doesn't admit to Trout Pout (tm nicolars) and Miss Mike that she'd already excused herself from Meet the Family; no, she was all for it, but darn that Warren, showing up on time and all!

Panel 3: Yet another look for Warren. And more coyness from Liz. If you're playing both of them, then they are rivals! How does "We'll still be..." reconcile with "He's very nice and he likes me a lot" (which makes you sound April's age, BTW)? Come to that, when you said "Paul offered to drive me," what context do these two have to put him into? Do they have info on him just from Elly (you know she'll have told them whatever she knows) or from you and her, separately? And if the latter, what DID you tell them?

Panel 4: :::thud:::

Remember, I read and comment one panel at a time.

Well, I'll. Be. Damned. Mark this day on your calendars, people! Liz was clear about something! Now we just have to deal with the Anthony factor. "Liiiiiiiiiiiz! You promised you'd WAAAIIIIT for me!" (screeched from the outside of an overpass railing)
Tags: liz an' paul, liz of troy, warren

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