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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Today's strip seems heart-warming until you realize that Elly is rewarding Michael for totally missing the point of the crucifixion. It's stuff like this that makes him sort of stupid-looking when being asked when Jesus meets the Easter Bunny alarms him; given that he's going to end up with his parents' muddled theology, he shouldn't be surprised that his child is equally confused.

(Strip Number 6677, Original Publication Date, 11 April 1982)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the living room looking at Mike in his pajamas holding Super Teddy and watching something on television; what he sees saddens him.

Panel 2: He covers his teddy bear's eyes and tells him not to look at the sad part.

Panel 3: We begin the part that most newspaper subscribers will read by having Elly come into the room and ask Mike what he's watching; he says "The Easter story."

Panel 4: He tells her they're at the part where the angels are in the cave. This not only ushers in the real meaning of Easter, it sets up the punchline.

Panel 5: Mike reminds us that he's a seven year old with a nebulous grasp on what the point of it all is by telling Elly that if he'd lived in those days, he'd have saved Jesus.

Panel 6: He'd have stopped those soldiers and made them let Jesus go.

Panel 7: He then asks Elly if there actually are such things as angels.

Panel 8: She smiles at him for a second.

Panel 9: She then hugs him and says there sure are; this, of course, means that he's an angel because he can't understand what laying one's life down for others is all about.

Summary: This would have been a great opportunity for Elly to hint broadly that He didn't want to be rescued, that He had to die so that all men could live; instead, Elly reinforces her own garbled notion of what Christianity is all about so that he can turn around and whine that he didn't do anything when she tries telling him about Original Sin.

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