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Q & Eh

It's been a while since I've checked Q & Eh, and I see new items have been added since the last time I checked.

Q: Why in all of the books, is Elly always shown as pushing John away sexually?

Eh: Um....I didn't know she came across that way. Perhaps I thought it was funny?

Talk about a non-answer--complete with a snotty "um."

Q: What happened to Lawrence's father & was he Black?

Eh: Lawrence's mother met Lawrence's father in Ecuador where she was working at the time. He elected not to follow her back to Canada. Lawrence met his father in 1999 - you can read the story here.

It's clear from looking at him that Pablo DaSilva was black. What I don't understand is why Lynn apparently refuses to come right out and say "Yes, he was black." What's the big deal?

Q: Hi! I'm just wondering, are Mr. B and Butterscotch supposed to be English Lop rabbits?

Eh: Nope - just regular cartoon bunnies.

Translation: Thanks for offering me a plausible explanation for giving my rabbits dog ears, but I am too oblivious to pick up on that. I can't be bothered to notice that most rabbits have ears on top of their heads, pointing straight up.

Q: I really loved the series when it was progressive and watching the kids grow and the families evolve. It was like visiting with friends each day and always something interesting. Will you ever get back to that format?

Eh: I will not be doing any more new For Better or For Worse material. Here's the thing: I am having real problems with my vision. My hands are unsteady as well, so it takes me more than twice as much time to write and draw as it used to. I fight just to focus my eyes and am constantly having to "white out" my mistakes. It used to be fun and fast and I loved it. Now, it's something I truly struggle to produce. Sad to say, I just can't continue. Thanks for asking. I'm glad you've enjoyed this saga! LJ

Translation: Curse you for asking! I give and I give, and yet you people just always want MORE from me! Just be happy for me that I get paid for my reprints and get to take vacations whenever I want to! Ingrate!

Q: I grew up reading your strip, but missed alot when I left home, so I have now spent the last few weeks reading the entire archive start to finish! I know you are returning to the beginning and running some new strips mixed in which I am truely enjoying! I was wondering if there are any plans to possibly show how April's life as an adult turned out? I know your final panel told a few facts, but it would be nice to see Elizabeth and Anthony's baby, and April's boyfriend, and how Merrie and Robin look as older kids etc.

Eh: There will be no added material regarding the future of April Patterson or Michael and Deanna's children. This is all left up to our collective imaginations!

Translation: Same as above.

Q: Do you have any plans to do an update strip to tell us what the characters are doing now, sort of like the final august 31, 2008 strip?

Eh: I don't plan to do any more comic strips at all, Dave. This is it! The beauty of ending a story is: You can make up the ending you want- and everyone will have a differnt idea of what that ending should be. All the best- and thanks for asking. LJ

Translation: How dare you?!? Same as above x eleventy billion!

Q: Have you ever written an embarrassing situation for your characters, feeling that the characters wouldn't want you to do this and then end up being embarrassed yourself?

Eh: Nope!

Translation: Yes, but I don't want to tell you!

Q: How do you get started doing a comic strip? I am a beginning cartoonist whose pretty good at story telling and drawing but I want to know how to get started what the steps are and tips.

Eh: Like anything else- you just DO it! Take an existing comics page and enlarge one of the strips to a size you are comfortable working with. You can divide this space any way you like as long as it reduces well and is easy to read.

Think about all the strips you have read and why you were drawn to them. Get into writing/acting mode and start coming up with ideas. Do you like fantasy? Reality? Super heroes? Cute animals? Which characters can best do the job? The job is- to illustrate your ideas and say the things you want to say.

Think in terms of dialogue and short statements. There is poetry in this kind of writing, so pay attention to the sound of your sentences.

When you have come up with some characters, draw them as if you were doing their portraits. Try and draw them in 3 dimensions- front, side view, back. If possible, make a clay model, then you have a perfect reference.

Continuity is important here. Think about where your characters live and imagine an aerial view of their living space. The challenge is to be able to bring someone else into your private world- and you do that with information- both in your dialogue and your drawing.

Your work will be rough at first, but you will soon get used to drawing your characters. Each one will be like a signature. You will draw them as easily as you write your name. This is about all I can tell you- the rest is up to you!

Good luck and enjoy a wonderful trip into your own mind. You'll surprise yourself!


Translation: Do what I did! Complain to your ob/gyn that there is nothing good to look at on the ceiling, so he will challenge you to do drawings for the ceilings and then collect all your drawings and suggest that they'd make a good book. Get asked by a large comics syndicate to do six months worth of comics for a possible comic strip and then get offered a 20-year contract! Easy-peasy!

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