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More from Jan......

Remember last week when I showed you Lynn's version of the Santa Rosa trip? Here's Jan Eliot's take on it. You'll notice that not only is Jan's English better, she also gets to the point a lot quicker.

At the end of March I travelled to Santa Rosa to speak at the Schulz Museum. Jeannie Schulz invited me to join Lynn Johnston to speak at the major donor dinner, and again the next day to the public. Despite some disappointing rain (Oregonians don't need rain when they visit California. We go there for SUN), we had a great time. Lynn is such a warm, interesting person... with a wealth of cartoon industry knowledge that I love being able to glean from. John McMeel and Lee Salem flew out as well, to hear us talk and treat us to a day trip to Bodega Bay.

(from left to right—John, me, Lynn, Lee...)

Lee Salem is the guy who brought me into the world of syndication. I met him originally at a cartoon conference in San Francisco, where he was part of an industry panel. I'm pretty sure I crossed the rope barrier (designed to keep back hopeful cartoonists) to hand him my work. We corresponded over the years until I finally convinced him I had the "stuff" to make it.

John McMeel is the founder of Andrews McMeel Universal, and the guy who signed Garry Trudeau back when Garry was still in college, the guy who launched Doonesbury. Stuff of legends!

We also managed a visit to San Francisco, where Ted and I stumbled across a show at Live Worms Gallery. Live Worms is on Grant in North Beach. It's a bit like "Brigadoon"... it only comes alive once in a while, and just for one night. We've been lucky to hit it when open pretty frequently, and I love the eclectic nature of what shows there. This last time it was an art show benefit... to raise money for a school. This piece captured my eye, and I should have bought it. If anyone knows this artist, have him or her get in touch! I think the name is CF Zoll.

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