Miz Laurel (hoppytoad79) wrote in binky_betsy,
Miz Laurel

Liz: Guys Can't Resist Her

I had a first date this weekend with a guy and thought it went well, and today he says via email he's not interesting in pursuing a relationship. Being Seriously Bummed, I got to thinking about how I always seem to strike out and get nowhere, and, somehow, Liz and her romantic history came to mind, and I realized something: she never strikes out. Ever. Unless I'm forgetting something, Liz never has to deal with this kind of thing. She whines about not having a serious relationship, but, really, how much does she try? How many guys does she try to start something with only to have it go nowhere? She got interested in Eric and he returned the interest. She started crushing on Paul and he was interested in her, too. Warren thought she was so fabulous and perfect he kept waiting in the wings (to use Lynn's terrible pun) for the day she'd return his affections. Anthony--well, we know all about him. Seriously, who has that kind of luck with guys? The only females I know of who've never had to deal with striking out are the ones who married their high school sweetheart.

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