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The Davedi Award.

Lynn's latest news bite concerns her being feted by a community group in the North Bay area.

A few months ago, I received a call from a friend who devotes much of her time to a wonderful local organization to which my company provides a monthly sponsorship. The Family Enrichment Program, among other services, provides day care to the children of young moms who have returned to school to finish their education. The school and the day care are in the same building- a perfect arrangement for a much needed resource!

Joann asked if I would be willing to accept the Family Enrichment Program's nomination for a humanitarian award, presented annually by the Davedi Club. The Davedi Club (da=Dante, Ve=Verdi, Di= Dimaggio) is an association created by the Italian families of North Bay which, aside from hosting some of the most delicious events in the area and providing space for countless community functions, has for the past 4 years given an award of merit for community service. (Still with me?)

Last Saturday, I gratefully accepted this award along with several other local folks and am still a bit overwhelmed. I have quite a few awards, now- all treasured and displayed proudly in my studio- but this one made me cry. I guess it's because it was given by people I know- neighbours, friends, associates, people I work with, people I see in the shops and the theatre...It was an honour given to me by people in my home town.

Public speaking is something I'm comfortable doing now- but for this I was unprepared. Sandy O'Grady did the introduction: words from the heart and from such a dear friend. I hugged her and went to the podium. I don't quite remember what I said. I was at a loss for words. It was a most wonderful evening and the company was grand!

Thanks again, to everyone involved, for this wonderful honour! I'll be working hard to live up to it!

Sincerely, Lynn J.

The reason I called this to your attention is not to bury Lynn but to grudgingly praise her; despite everything we know about her, it's sort of nice to see that she's not simply sitting on her arse whining about what might have been.

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