forworse (forworse) wrote in binky_betsy,

Love in a Cold Climate

We were getting a bit off-topic somewhere beyond the 100th post in one of kefkaownsall 's threads, so I thought I'd repost to see if I missed any FOOB couples who involve snowball fights in their mating rituals.

This discussion came about when dreadedcandiru2 recognised that Deanna had developed the typical married female FOOB's fear of cheating.  (This strip appeared after Deanna, having presented Mike with a laundry list of all his faults, over-reacted when he told her that she sings off-key.)  What struck several of us as squicky was Deanna's petulant whine that Mike should go find some "Lounge-Lizzie" who could sing.  I was reminded of this strip where Deanna witnessed the unnaturally childish behaviour of her husband and sister-in-law, and thought that she had also picked up the incest vibe all the Pattersons except April seemed to share.

Searching for that strip led me to other snowball-fights-as-affection.  There's the overt admission that snowballs are used to get the attention of the opposite sex, the snowball fight as first date event (warning: Anthony with fire engine red hair), the snowball fight as the only kind of physical love you share, and even newruin retcon romance via snowball.

So although it appears that it's Dee who has her hands down the front of Mike's trousers in this threesome with Liz, showing that Dee might be willing to share, what would her reaction have been if she'd seen Mike and Liz in this strip?  (What is going on in Panel 7?!)


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