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The New Murals.....

Lynn's latest news bite is about the murals she painted for the new North Bay Regional Health Centre.

North Bay has just opened its new Regional Health Center.
I was asked if I would contribute some artwork to brighten up a few of the large walls inside. After lots of measuring, meetings and consultation, two murals are now installed and are adding colour to some attractive public areas: one is in the emergency department waiting room and the other is in the Pediatric Family Lounge.

"The world always looks brighter from behind a smile."

Working with the hospital foundation and staff has been a pleasure. I have had the challenge of designing and overseeing the installation of the artwork and the privilege of watching - from the inside - this beautiful and innovative hospital take shape! With the help of Kevin Strang who did the measuring and colouring and Gerry Genest who introduced us to some new printing methods, we managed to solve problems easily and our work was done so quickly, it surprised us all.

Because hospital walls, like everything else, have to be kept germ free, we had to use materials that would withstand the chemicals and stress of the cleaning process. We decided on the kind of printing materials which allow advertising and photographs to be applied to vehicles (such as buses) and to outside walls. The murals were printed onto large, adhesive-backed plastic sheets and applied like wallpaper. This material is quite amazing in that it creates a semi permanent, weather-proof surface, but can also be removed easily without scarring the surface underneath. (Click to enlarge the photos.)

"Thank you Lynn, for brightening our hospital and helping to make it a friendly environment for our patients."

North Bay and District Hospital Foundation

Our first wall application was an illustration of Farley the dog, near the care team station, showing parents and children the way to Pediatrics. To add to the fun of Farley, a series of paw prints along the floor will guide patients from the main reception (care team station) around the corner and down the hall.

The two large murals were then installed and these have been so eagerly received that we are presently designing some more illustrations to adhere to walls in the Emergency Department children's treatment area and other areas where uplifting and colourful art will add to the healing environment while helping to reduce the stress of being in the hospital and provide a welcome distraction for young patients.

Along with the murals, another bit of For Better or For Worse® imagery to be installed in the new hospital is the life sized Patterson Family sculpture. This was commissioned soon after we moved to North Bay by the North Bay Chamber of Commerce and was installed in a small downtown park until vandalism caused their removal to an indoor location. The sculpture was too big to display in one building permanently, so it moved from place to place and was, for a time, stored in the basement of the Capitol Centre - our local theatre. It has now been rescued and restored and as soon as a base is constructed, the Patterson Family will be again in a public space where they belong.

My involvement in our new hospital environment is reminiscent of my time in Hamilton Ontario when I was one of the first employees in the new McMaster University Medical Center.

As a medical artist, working with the AV department I helped to add some colour to the new building with signs, posters and other graphics - including a colouring book I designed called "Colour Me Well". I've redone this little book as a gift to the children who will soon be entering our new facility and we will make it available on our website soon.

Please consider making a donation to the North Bay and District Hospital Foundation.
Here is a list of ways to give.

I want to thank Barry Aulbrook, Joanne Laplante, Ann Loyst, Lois Krause, Tammy Morison, Paul Espinoza, & Kathy Stackleberg for getting me involved in these wonderful projects and for helping me see them through to this almost-final stage. My contribution is still a work in progress and I'm looking forward to whatever happens next!!


- The murals are not so much paintings as they are poster-sized prints stuck on the walls.

- Lynn seems to expect to able to put more of these glorified photos up in the future.

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